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About Dolaway!

Dolaway is an Advert & Affiliate Marketing platform which helps individuals and corporate establishment advertise & promote their goods and services, products or virtually anything to the reach of wider audience

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We work tirelessly to make money available for everyone

Whether you're an employer, employee or self-employed money matters to us all. The ability to freely acquire money using personal resources, skills & passion is a vital component of human dignity and a fundamental human right. That's why we stand out to help you earn in dollars legitimately without limits. 

Earn money legitimately without limits?

Dolaway is designed to be an alternative source of income with proper monetary policies one that brings transparency and fairness. Earn money legitimately without limits means no more asking banks - with their fees, delays, and fraud risk - for permission to use your own resources as you choose.

What we're doing to help you?

We have designed systems to help you earn in dollars daily and as well be able to convert to local currencies or any Cryptocurrencies.  Most of our products are developed to make Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Doge more accessible. 

Individuals can now buy, use, sell, and swap Cryptocurrencies easily and faster.

Businesses can now advertise & promote their products or services across all platform while paying via Cryptocurrencies. Online Businesses can now get access to the tools they need to accept Cryptocurrency payments.

Developers can get support building technologies that promote the use of Cryptocurrencies.